MEGA’s class program offers more than just a great gymnastics class in a climate controlled, safe and fun environment. It is a great place to develop friendships, explore new challenges, and to build self-confidence. We offer classes that are age and skill appropriate. Students are challenged individually based on their skill readiness. We realize that kids love to learn….and our trained staff will ensure that your child is doing just that!


We offer girls and boys classes at all levels!


MEGA Girls and Boys I (Beginner): Students will gain experience on the Olympic events which include the Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam and Floor for girls and the Floor, Pommel horse, Rings, Vault, Parallel Bars and High Bar for Boys. Students will also be introduced to trampoline, strength and flexibility. Classes are 60 minutes.


MEGA Girls II (Advanced Beginner): Students will continue to challenge themselves by increasing their skill level on each event. They will be given the opportunity to set new goals and try new skills. Students will continue to work on strength and flexibility, as they prepare for the intermediate and advanced classes. Classes are 60 minutes.


MEGA Boys II (Intermediate): Boys will continue to develop their gymnastics skills with incorporation of strength and conditioning. Classes are 90 minutes.


MEGA Girls and Boys III (Intermediate and Advanced): Students will continue to develop their gymnastics skills on all the Olympic events. There is continued focus on fitness, strength and flexibility. Classes are 90 minutes.

Open Tumbling and Trampoline Class: Our tumbling and trampoline class is ideal for those students who want to learn to bounce, tumble and flip! We use skill progressions to ensure the safety of the students. Students train on the trampoline, tumble track, spring floor and rod floor. Your child can work on the skills they need! Great for cheerleaders, snowboarders, skaters and anyone who likes to flip in the air. Open tumbling happens every Tuesday and Thursday from 7:30pm-9:00pm.


Home-school Class: A specially designed class for children who are home-schooled. Physical fitness is important for all children, and our home-school class incorporates games, calisthenics, obstacle courses, and gymnastics. What a great way to stay physically active. Classes are 50 minutes.

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