MEGA’s Preschool Program offers more than just a great gymnastics experience. Our program is filled with energy, enthusiasm and excitement, guided by our trained instructors. Instructors use lesson plans, which incorporate themes throughout the year. Children will be introduced to music, colors, shapes, body awareness, and other forms of fitness Our preschoolers will not only have fun focusing on gymnastics, but also on coordination, balance, social skills, and self-confidence. Join us in sharing the love of gymnastics!


Preschool Classes


  • Tiny MEGAs: (Walking-3 years): This is a parent-assisted class. Parents will help assist their child in developing gross motor skills. You will help your child learn concepts such as “up and down” or “backward and forward” using specific activities and play equipment. Activities will enable language and social skills to develop, creating a pathway for increased learning. Classes are 45 minutes.


  • Mini MEGAs: (3 year olds): Children will continue to work on developing gross motor skills and body awareness. Children will learn gymnastics terminology and proper skill development through the use of gymnastics equipment. Social skills will continue to develop as the children learn to follow directions and procedures in a FUN learning environment. Classes are 50 minutes.


  • Mighty MEGAs: (4 year olds): This class introduces your child to more challenging gymnastics equipment and age appropriate skill development. Each exciting class builds your child’s listening skills, social skills and coordination, enabling the development of friendships, independence and school-readiness skills. Classes are 50 minutes.


  • Super Explorers: (5-6 year old girls): Super Explorers is an advanced preschool class where the children are introduced to the equipment used in our girl’s recreational classes. Children in Super Explorers have mastered the concepts, circuits, and skill charts associated with their preschool class. Classes are 60 minutes.


Classes are structured around skill ability and prepare your child for competitive gymnastics.

Super Mini MEGAs and Super Mighty MEGAs Classes are by staff invitation only.

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