Frequently Asked Questions


How will I know if my child is ready to move to a different class?

Our coaching staff continually tracks your child’s progress with skill charts, and your child’s coach will approach you when they have accomplished the proper skills necessary to be promoted out of their class. Your child will receive a move up certificate. At that time you must contact the MEGA Office to make your new class selection. The normal progression process can take up to one year or beyond for your child to progress to the next level.

Do you do progress reports?

We sure do! Progress reports are handed out in February, May, August and November. If you ever have any questions about your child’s progressions, please talk to your child’s instructor. You may talk with them after class, leave a message for them at the front desk or email your question to the instructor at

Do you have a parent viewing area?

Yes, we do have a viewing area, equipped with chairs and bleachers for parents to sit comfortably and watch their children. We also have a great lobby area, which offers a viewing screen of the gym, and wireless Internet.

What if my child misses a class? Can they do a make-up?

The tuition you pay reserves your child’s spot in his/her class. However, at MEGA Fun and Fitness, we understand that circumstances or situations arise and your child may miss his/her class. We do offer make-ups for classes that are missed, as long as there is availability in the class, and it does not disrupt the safety and integrity of the class. If you have a scheduled make-up, and the class becomes full with regular attending students, you will be notified to reschedule the make-up. Make-ups can be done any time as long as you are currently enrolled in a class. Please call the office in advance to schedule any make-ups. Please do not walk in and expect a make-up class to be available. You may be turned away. If you should receive five classes during the month instead of four there will be no extra charge, although it will be considered a make-up for classes missed or while we are closed for holidays.

Is there a late arrival policy?

Yes. Please be aware that if you are fifteen minutes or more late for class, you should schedule a make-up class for your child. It is for the safety of all our students. Please understand that safety must come first. All students should participate in the warm up, which prepares them for skill development.

Are the instructors certified?

Yes, all of our directors are certified professional or instructor members thru USA Gymnastics, which is the sole national governing body for the sport of gymnastics in the United States. It gets the designation from the International Olympic Committee and the International Gymnastics Federation. USA Gymnastics sets the rules & policies that govern gymnastics in this country. Training and selecting the US Gymnastics Teams for the Olympics and World Championships are just two of their many responsibilities. USA Gymnastics has more than 13,000 professional & instructor members. The MEGA coaching staff participates in the USA Gymnastics Safety Certification Program. All of our instructors participate in continuing education throughout the year.

Do I have to stay to watch my child?

It depends. If your child is in a preschool age class, you will need to stay for your child’s class as your child may need assistance when using the restroom. If your child is in a class age program, and is independent to use the restroom, you may drop your child off for class. Please bring your child into the building. If you are going to leave the facility while your child is in class, please make sure the MEGA office has your current cell phone number on file so we have a method to contact you in the event of an emergency. Please discuss with your child the safety procedures for dropping off and picking up. Your child must stay in the lobby until a parent/guardian arrives. Your child should not ever leave the building unattended.

What does my child wear to class?

For girls gymnastics: a leotard (without a skirt), bare feet (no tights or socks), hair pulled up neatly, and no jewelry. For boys gymnastics: gym shorts with no buttons, zippers or buckles and a fitted tucked in tee shirt.

For fitness class: gym shorts with no buttons, zippers or buckles, and a fitted tucked in tee shirt. No shoes.

For judo: specific uniform which is purchased when you join.

For tumbling or cheer: athletic shorts, fitted tucked in tee shirt, hair pulled up neatly, no jewelry, and gym shoes (optional) that are not worn outside.

Do you have a pro-shop to purchase attire?

Yes, MEGA Fun and Fitness has a pro-shop where you can purchase attire, tape, and other fun accessories!

What happens during the summer?

We offer a flexible schedule for our parents and students! You can switch your class as needed to fit your busy summer schedule. We also offer a variety of great summer camps!

To whom do I address my questions to regarding instruction?

You may talk to the instructors after class. If instructors are not immediately available, our MEGA Office can send any communication to your child’s instructor for you. You may also send an email to:

To whom do I address my questions to regarding payment and general administration?

You can speak to any of our office staff at the MEGA Office. We can be reached by phone at (248) 344- 9344. Please avoid speaking to instructors while they are instructing. The MEGA office will be happy to assist you regarding your billing or account questions.

Is physical activity good for my child?

Gymnastics, Fitness, Judo and early childhood movement education is directly attributed to developing neurological pathways in students and promoting reading readiness.” (Raising-A-Reader, 1999) Preschool gymnastics prepares students for successful experiences in school. Children who have participated in movement education activities have longer attention spans, communication skills, general problem-solving skills, and improved self-esteem. “For every $1.00 spent on children’s recreational activities, society saves $4.78 in costs of remedial education, welfare, and crime prevention.” (Federal Committee for Economic Development, 1998)

Are there changing rooms?

Yes, our washrooms are very large and serve as our changing rooms. We also have a baby-changing table for your little one’s needs.

Is the gym clean?

Yes, our facility is cleaned and disinfected daily.

When can I start?

You can start at any time. Fees are pro-rated to reflect the remaining classes in the current month.

Can I switch classes?

Yes, we will gladly accommodate class change requests anytime (subject to class availability).

How do I pay my bill?

You have two billing options that you select when filling out your registration form or when you register online. All members are required to provide billing information.

Option 1: I would like auto billing. Please charge my credit card the 1st of each month for my balance due and e-mail me my receipt. Auto billing only applies to programs that have a recurring monthly tuition. Fees for other products and/or services shall be paid for at the time of purchase and/or registration. I understand if the above named persons and/or participants are enrolled in a program that has recurring monthly tuition, I am continuously enrolled in the program and I will incur recurring monthly tuition charges on my account until I submit a MEGA Fun and Fitness class drop request.

Option 2: I will pay my account balance on or before the 1st of each month at the MEGA Fun and Fitness Business Office. If my payment is not received on or before the due date, MEGA Fun and Fitness will initiate electronic payments for any balances due on my account PLUS an administrative late fee of up to $25.00. I understand that MEGA Fun and Fitness does not send a monthly bill and it is my responsibility to pay my account balance at the MEGA Fun and Fitness Business Office. I understand this only applies to programs that have recurring monthly tuition. Fees for other products and/or services shall be paid for at the time of purchase and/or registration. I understand if the above named persons and/or participants are in a program that has recurring monthly tuition I am continuously enrolled in the program and I will incur recurring monthly tuition charges on my account until I submit a MEGA Fun and Fitness class drop request.

How do I drop a class?

I understand if my child is enrolled in a program that has recurring monthly tuition I am continuously enrolled in the program and I will incur recurring monthly tuition charges on my account until I submit a 30-day MEGA Fun and Fitness class drop request. This document may be obtained from the MEGA Fun and Fitness Business Office. All members must submit a 30-day notice.

Is there a discount at MEGA for having multiple children in classes?

Yes, at MEGA Fun and Fitness, you will receive a 10% sibling discount off of your children’s first class. A discount will be given off additional classes.

Do you have an annual membership fee?

Yes. At MEGA Fun and Fitness, there is a non-refundable annual membership fee. The cost is $40 for one child and an additional $12 for the second child. The fee for the 3rd, 4th child…etc., child is waived. Annual membership fees are due the month you begin classes and are good for 12 months. The membership fee includes such benefits as: tuition discount coupons and unlimited $10 discount referral coupons. Membership fees are non-refundable. Please call the office for competitive team registration fees.

Do you have a referral program?

When you tell a friend about MEGA Fun and Fitness, and they enroll in any of our programs, you will receive $10 off the next month’s tuition. Just have your friend give us your name when registering, and your account will be automatically credited ten dollars. There is not a referral limit.

How do I know if you are closed for bad weather?

MEGA Fun and Fitness generally follows the closing decisions of the Novi School District; however MEGA Fun and Fitness may be open. Be sure to look on our Facebook page and web site for updates. If MEGA Fun and Fitness is closed in the morning, MEGA will generally open at 2:00 p.m. that day. Please call the office at (248) 344-9344, check your email, our web site or Facebook page to receive any closing information.

Are the MEGA Fun and Fitness Class programs competitive in any way?

No, our recreational gymnastics, fitness and judo classes are self paced and individualized. Each child will progress at his or her own speed.

Do you offer any competitive team programs?

YES! Michigan Elite Gymnastics Academy (MEGA) umbrellas our competitive team programs. All of our competitive team programs are governed by USA Gymnastics.

Xcel Competitive Team Program: Designed specifically for girls (ages 9-18). Xcel offers your child a sense of teamwork in an achievement based, challenging and fun atmosphere. Your child will learn individual routines and compete them at local, state and regional competitions. Your child will develop confidence, poise, and an appreciation for dedicated effort, self-respect and respect for others.

Junior Olympic Team Program (for boys and girls): Designed for the more serious athlete (ages 5-18) with a strong desire to compete to be the best they can be. The JO program consists of intense training to help your child achieve their maximum potential. Your child will have the opportunity to compete at the local, state, regional, national and international level. This undertaking will give your child a stage on which to develop confidence, poise, self-worth, discipline and individuality, appreciation for dedicated effort, self-respect and respect for others.

How do students get into MEGA’s competitive programs?

Entry into our competitive program is by invitation only. You may call our office anytime to have your child tested for one of our competitive team programs. Our instructors keep a sharp eye out for students who demonstrate an aptitude for competitive gymnastics. For specific information please contact the MEGA Office at (248) 344-9344.