Why MEGA Fun and Fitness?

Physical fitness is a crucial part of a child’s overall development, going hand in hand with their social and psychological growth. Gymnastics, Judo and Fitness builds a child’s self-esteem as they are challenged through strength, flexibility, and coordination exercises to reach their ultimate potential.

With our first-class facility and professional staff, our goal at MEGA Fun and Fitness is to develop a stronger body and stronger mind through physical activity, fun, and achievement. “The true love of learning” is a basic component to a happy, healthy, responsible individual.

With over twenty-five years of experience, we have helped children of all ages grow through sport by recognizing each child’s unique ability and meeting their physical and mental needs.

How MEGA Fun and Fitness came about


My name is Kim, and my husband is Juha (pronounced u-ha). You are probably wondering how he got that name. Juha is from Finland and was invited to come to the USA in 1998 to direct a gymnastics program.

Our background:

I have always been involved in gymnastics, from starting when I was four, and continuing through college at the University of Iowa. Although I worked in the corporate world as a Certified Athletic trainer for eight years, and received an MBA in Healthcare, I continued to be involved in gymnastics. I knew that my passion was teaching and working with children, and eventually I became involved in the gymnastics industry full time, from teaching pre-school gymnastics to producing national champions.

Juha had also been a competitive gymnast, and competed on the Finnish National team. Once he retired from being a competitor, he continued coaching, as a National team coach for the Finnish National team. He coached his brother, Jani Tanskanen, who became the 1997 World High Bar Champion. Although Juha is a physical therapist by trade, he made a decision to come to the USA to use his gymnastics talent to teach, judge, and produce many regional and national gymnastics champions.

Our meeting:

I never dated anyone involved in gymnastics before Juha. I thought it might not be a good idea to be involved in the same profession. After meeting Juha, I made the exception and used the rationalization that Juha predominately taught and worked on the men’s side of gymnastics. He is on USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic National Staff and is an International Brevet judge for Men’s gymnastics.

Our first date was on a golf course. We had so many common interests that it only made sense to keep dating. It went so well we ended up being married, having a family (a daughter Kaia and a son Ari), and opening our own children’s activity center.

Our passion to teach kids, along with our backgrounds, gave us the gift we both dreamed of having…our very own business. MEGA Fun and Fitness evolved from many years of hard work, partnership, tears, joy, and pure determination that we could achieve our dream, our goal!

We realized that any dream or goal you set is a journey, and it is the journey that teaches life lessons. We wanted to pass this on to as many children as possible. We believe that children can develop a strong mind and a strong body. What better way to develop this than through physical activity and sport!

We understand that parents entrust us with their most prized possessions—their children. We at MEGA Fun and Fitness take this responsibility to heart. We want to partner with you to make MEGA Fun and Fitness the place that will take you and your child on the journey to many great rewards and memories for life!

Our Mission:

Our Mission is to provide you quality, safe instruction of physical movement in the form of gymnastics, judo, and fitness, and to provide an environment which will enable students to set goals, explore new challenges, discover their innate worth…and to inspire greatness in others.

We believe a strong mind and strong body go together.

We’re excited to meet you and welcome you into the MEGA Fun and Fitness Family. Please take a moment to enter your name and email address into the box in the upper right hand corner of this page so we can share some of our great services with you.

If you’d rather just pick up the phone, please call (248) 344-9344 and let us know if you’re on our website. We’ll schedule you for a FREE Grand Tour of our facility and a meeting with one of our awesome coaches to help you determine which program is right for your child.

We are confident that once you see our facility and meet our coaches and athletes, you’ll know that you’ve found what you’ve been looking for!


Kim and Juha Tanskanen